Kathryn Broussard has managed her life with dignity and an I-know-you-have-feelings-but-I’m-coming-through-anyway attitude. She exudes confidence and control over the land much as a reigning queen rules her court. Her main focus – Grace, her daughter. Although grown, Grace depends on her mother’s razor-sharp decision-making ability for everything. All is well in the land of dysfunctional mother-daughterhood until the unthinkable happens. Kathryn dies.

With her mother now gone, Grace is forced to manage her own life for the first time. And Kathryn must find a way to maintain control of her daughter, even though unusual circumstances from the “other side” present a fair share of obstacles to overcome.

A mother’s love, however dysfunctional, is a force to be reckoned with.

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From the Author
I’m often asked where I came up with the idea for Saving Gracie. The answer is three-fold:

Even though my parents have been gone for over 20 yrs., there are times when I still feel their love and presence.

My hospice training allowed me the honor to sit with people toward the very end of their life. I would listen to them talk to people who had already died. I also found great comfort in the book, Final Gifts, written by 2 hospice nurses.

The movies I am drawn to have a common theme: life ends here and is immediately picked up on the other side. (Ex: Always, Chances Are, Defending Your Life, Ghost, Heaven Can Wait, Kiss Me Goodbye, etc.)

Saving Gracie is merely a story on my take of what choices and options may be available to stay connected to those on Earth in “life after life” and how I believe love transcends past this physical life.