Darcy Daniels works hard to set herself up perfectly in her portrayal of success. She sells designer eye wear, and her fashion is flawless. She has high-class social connections and lives in Houston’s Uptown Galleria. Her apartment is shabby, but the zip code signifies status. On the outside, her lifestyle supports her image of chic and exciting, but things are not always as they seem.Underneath it all, Darcy shares a connection with those suffocating from their insecurities and low self-esteem. Her world seems to be shrinking and it’s starting to take its toll. And Prince Charming? The natural ending to all that she has worked towards. Where is he? How long can she maintain her carefully designed charades?When the dynamics heighten between Darcy and her apartment manager, whose greatest pleasure appears to be the art of intimidation, Darcy’s insecurities hit an all-time low until she pushes through to challenge the bitter old woman-leaving both of them at a crossroads in their lives…and hearts.

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